Now, Get Ready for the Funnest & Funniest Fundraiser you’ve ever done!

Let the Flocking Begin

In the dead of the night, Project Grad will place flamingos

in the yards of your friends that all of you have paid to have “Flocked".
Each of the flocks will have a note explaining how a friend of theirs paid to have them “Flocked” in support of your Project Grad 2017.

Also, the note will let them know that if they pay your group a donation,

Project Grad will remove the flock and send it to the yard of any friend they choose.

The  Flocking will continue as the flamingos migrate from victim to victim.

Price for "Flocking":

Small Flock (12 Flamingos) - $10
Medium Flock (24 Flamingos) - $15
Large Flock (36 Flamingos) - $20

We also sell Anti-Flocking Insurance to supporters

so they will not get “Flamingoed” for $10 extra.

NOTE: Teacher Flocking Coming Soon!

Forms can be turned into the office

Please email us to let us know you turned in a request to:

Flock a Friend Form.pdf Flock a Friend Form.pdf
Size : 286.326 Kb
Type : pdf


Anti-Flocking Insurance Form.pdf Anti-Flocking Insurance Form.pdf
Size : 238.963 Kb
Type : pdf


 Please Contact Leigh Ann Masters at  or call/text 817-455-4984

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